2. Falling into the deep

Drawing inspiration from legends like Mauro Picotto, The Spy of Cairo, Boris Brejcha, and many more. Don’t Panic 432 is here to push the boundaries of EDM. 

“Falling into the deep”, is the 2nd gem from Don’t Panic 432’s debut album “Tales from the Voyage to the Yonder: Agartha”, is Darkish, Melodic, and Progressive Techno House in an 8-track masterpiece that takes you on a journey through pulsating rhythms, infectious hooks, and atmospheric nuances.

Yet, fate is a whimsical artist, and destiny often plays its hand when least expected. As if beckoned by a siren’s song, the adventurer found themselves tumbling into an abyss – a chasm of unfathomable depth. In this descent into the abyss, time lost its grip, and the notion of self wavered like a flame in the wind. Each heartbeat was an echo, resonating through the void, a reminder of existence in the midst of the unknown.

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