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“Tales from the Voyage to the Yonder: Agartha” embarks on a mesmerizing odyssey through uncharted territories, where an audacious protagonist’s pursuit of the mythical city of gold leads to an enthralling exploration of the unknown.

The journey begins with our intrepid adventurer, driven by a relentless quest to discover the legendary city of gold. Guided by enigmatic whispers and an insatiable curiosity, he traverses unexplored roads that wind through uncharted landscapes.

Fate, however, intervenes with a twist unforeseen, as the protagonist tumbles into an abyss of infinite depth. Amidst the endless fall, a profound sense of humanity and vulnerability takes hold, culminating in a realization of the impossibility of return.

Emerging from the abyss, the adventurer finds himself amidst a surreal realm of mechanical marvels. Gears turn, springs coil, and an enigmatic Cuckoo bird imparts cryptic wisdom about the fluidity of time and existence. In this domain where reality itself seems to bend, the boundaries of time blur, and a tranquil struggle between being and non-being unfolds.

Phantasms dance in the air, inviting the protagonist into an ethereal celebration. Laughter mingles with the wind as the explorer becomes part of this enchanting spectacle. 

The ethereal figures merge into a majestic bat-like creature, presenting an opportunity for flight. Riding its colossal wings, the protagonist soars over resplendent fields of ever-changing flowers, descending into water that holds more than meets the eye.

The journey takes an unexpected turn when a convoy of mechanical voyagers offers passage on the wondrous Nautilus. Amid tales of clockwork constellations, the crew shares stories of legends surrounding a bubble-encircled land.

Choosing a divergent path, the protagonist embarks on a solitary expedition to this uncharted island. Here, the flora and fauna defy imagination, and nature’s wonders guide the way through mountains, rivers, and euphoric rhythms.

At the journey’s zenith, the wanderer’s steps lead to… Agartha, a mythical city of enlightenment.

Get ready for an exciting musical journey with “Tales from the Voyage to the Yonder: Agartha,” a captivating conceptual EDM album by DoPa 432. This melodic and progressive adventure takes you beyond the boundaries of Melodic, Progressive, Techno and House, into a realm of unparalleled sonic exploration.

Produced & Mixed by DoPa432 – NYC
Mastered by Pepe Ortega, Elith Mastering Labs – CDMX 
Published by Fugitive & Fine Entertainment LLC – NYC
Concept Design by CMB – The Further

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